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Cove Collections is a jewellery brand run by a friend, she creates and sells her own unique jewellery featuring sea glass found on local beaches around South Devon. I was asked by her to put together a promo for her social media and website.

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Soon to be released, Man Made tells the story of an Afghanistan veteran that after returning home with a brain injury that effects his speech, struggles to reconnect and express his feelings. It's currently touring festivals, recently winning 'Best Student Film' at Birmingham Film Festival, and winning an award for Best Fiction for a Short Film at Overcome Film Festival in the US. Although it was challenging to cut, working with Jordan to construct the edit was a joy and it was great how the film evolved.

Director: Jordan Coolbear

Producer: Jordan Coolbear / Nadine Ousley

Cinematographer: Stef De Backer

Editor: Max Wilson

Music: Tom Voysey

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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Building Bridges is a documentary short film about following 23 year-old Josephine on her journey to Spain to reconnect with her mother after 8 years apart. Although it's not available to view online, it won 'Best Short' at the only film festival it was entered to at the Focus on Factual awards - one of the main undergraduate documentary prizes in the UK. I'm proud to have shot it and be part of the incredible journey.

The film has recently been nominated for the RTS Student Television Awards 2020 in the 'Factual' category. As it stands Building Bridges has made it to the top 3 student documentaries made last year in the UK.

Director: Josephine Cressy Producer: Guillermo Quintanilla-Pinto Director of Photography: Max Wilson Sound: Luke Denton Assistant: Charlie Hinde Composer: Joe Hillyer

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